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Printing Your Wine List
Printing Your Wine List

Create a simple print out or a PDF of your wines. Pick your columns and

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Step 1. Choose your columns on your cellar view (you can also choose to print our just your Wish List or just your Favorites). To do this click the name of the column to swap them out. You can also adjust the number of columns you want to see in your settings.

Step 2. Adjust the direction you are sorting your wines, use the up / down arrow next to the column you want to sort.

Step 3. Click the main navigation (top left) then choose the "Print Wine List" item.

Step 4. You now have the option to adjust the font size, borders and pick if you want to show a pre-formatted wine record (see below) or keep the table / column view you setup.

Active Custom List


Step 5. All that is left is to click the "Print" button.

If you have any feedback or clarification please just click the chat icon and let us know!

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