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Editing history and removing old acquisitions, fixing typos.
Editing history and removing old acquisitions, fixing typos.

How to search through acquired wines and delete some to reduce clutter, Or edit entry typos

Written by Josh
Updated over a week ago

Get into cellar view and type "acquired" in the search bar.

This could be a big list. So be as specific in your search term as you can.

If you are fixing a typo, type in the bad text. Example: You want "Wilson Wine Store" instead of the typo Walson Wine Store, for instance. Just type in "Walson" and don't type in the "Walson Wine Store". That will return a lot of extra results.

You'll see many fewer wines listed as the result of the search. Then click the pencil or triangle on the right of the first wine in the list.

Then click on the 'History' tab.

When the History window opens you will see your history for that wine.

Click on the triangle for each event and you will have the opportunity to edit or delete. You can hit down arrow on your keyboard key to select 'Delete'

Hit return to delete. A warning box will pop up. Hit return again to to finish the delete.

Choose another 'acquired' field for that same wine if you need to, or click the arrow in the circle in the top right of the screen to tab to the next wine in the search result.

It seems a bit cumbersome but once you are in your search result list the tabbing arrows and copy/paste editing or deleting should move right along.

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