If you login on one of your devices (iPad, iPhone) and your data is not pulled down in the app and you only see a white screen, it could be a result of a storage limitation. To get around this, install a shortcut to PWC on your device.

Just follow these easy instructions: http://help.personalwinecurator.com/help-and-how-to/installing-the-application-to-a-mobile-phone-or-tablet-device. You'll then have a quick shortcut to PWC on your device, it will have more usable room on your screen and after you login your data should get pulled into the app. :)

If that doesn't fix your issue, you can try performing a fresh data sync. More information here: http://help.personalwinecurator.com/help-and-how-to/perform-a-fresh-data-sync

If you still are experiencing issues, use the chat window in the app to open a ticket.

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