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Printing Labels

Before you print your first label, troubleshooting

Written by Josh
Updated over a week ago

If you don't already have a label printer, please check our article on recommended and tested equipment which will have links for purchase on Amazon.

If you have a DYMO printer, please install the latest software before printing labels: Download for Mac, Download for PC. Restart your computer after installation.

If your printer is still not recognized on your computer because of a conflict with a prior version, you may have to perform these steps:

  1. Remove the Dymo software that was on your computer (even though Apple’s Printer utility program may say it is up to date).

  2. Download the latest Printer software above

  3. Install and restart your computer.

  4. If you're on a Mac, go into the control panel for the Dymo software and “Diagnose” (see screenshot below). If you're on a PC, right click the Dymo icon in the tray of your taskbar and select Diagnose.

5. Allow the software to open a web page in the browser you are using PWC in. NOTE: it will show as an unsecure web page but this is ok because it's a local page to your Dymo device. Allow it to open the webpage and it should say "Congratulations! DLS Web Service is up and running. You can now print from supported websites." If you have trouble with this step, click this direct link
. If that doesn't do anything, make sure your Dymo software is running.

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