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Pricing Information / Membership
Pricing Information / Membership

Learn about our membership pricing and what it includes.

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We have a monthly membership model so that we can provide ongoing support, new feature development and provide the hosting infrastructure for the app itself and the automatic backups. This ensures that the application is sustainable as technology changes.

While our pricing is comparable or more than some services you might be used to (Netflix, Microsoft Office, etc.), our pricing structure is as low as we can possibly do.ย 

Remember - there aren't as many wine collectors like yourself as there are people that watch movies on Netflix and we aren't a mega-corp either. In short - your membership supports the service and ensures it doesn't die like most of the "free" applications out there.

What's included in your membership?

  • Personal & customizable wine inventory management

  • Multi-device access (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop)

  • Accurate and updated aging maturity data

  • 30+ custom reports

  • Automatic backups

  • Online support

  • Ongoing feature updates and more.

Every plan unlocks the same features but the pricing is based on the number of unique wine records. If you were managing your collection in a spreadsheet, this would be equivalent to the # of rows that contain a quantity of 1 or more.

The pricing below is ONLY for an individual, personal subscription license. For any business or organizational usage please email us.

Third Growth Up to 500 unique wines. For the connoisseur. $10/mo

Second Growth Up to 1,000 unique wines. For the collector. $20/mo

First Growth Up to 2,000 unique wines. For the individual investor. $40/mo

We are used at some of the largest estates and vineyards in the United States. If you have any larger needs or customization requests please email us.

Note: Unique wine records are ONLY the active number of unique wine records in your cellar (those with quantity > 0). This is NOT the # of bottles.
So you may have 500 bottles in your cellar but only 100 unique wine records in your cellar which qualifies you for the Third Growth plan.

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