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What is the "distinction" field?
What is the "distinction" field?

Distinction is a unique concept to Personal Wine Curator

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"Distinction" is a unique concept to Personal Wine Curator and is the field that allows us to provide you with aging maturity calculations and over 1,200 food pairing combinations. 

"Distinction" is the element(s) that we consider the most influential in identifying the flavor (and body) of a wine for food pairing, and encompasses varietal, variety, appellation, blend, quality classification, body type or wine type.

"Varietal" is a wine that uses the name of the dominant grape from which it's made (e.g. cabernet sauvignon) in its name.

"Variety" refers to a single type of grape.

If your wine is varietally labeled, we suggest you include that in the "Wine Name" field.

To manage the grape varieties, you can use the built in grapes field which allows you to set all the grapes and their % (optional).

Note: You cannot enter your own Distinctions since it's a built in concept. Just choose the most appropriate option if you want to take advantage of food & wine pairings and aging maturity data.

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