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What are Maturities, Drink After & Drink By Dates?
What are Maturities, Drink After & Drink By Dates?

Learn how we calculate aging of your wines via Maturity dates.

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You can use the "Get Maturity Dates" button on the Edit/View wine page to  automatically calculate optimal drinking dates for most wines. These are the dates that indicate the "window" in which your wine will typically be drinking at its best. In order to calculate maturity dates, certain information must be entered. Be sure you have filled in a Distinction, Vintage, and Region for your wine. If you are still getting no result, information for that specific wine from that specific region in that year may be unavailable. You can always fill in the date fields with your own dates.

Maturity dates are available for almost any wine from the world's important growing regions dating back to the 1970's, and for the best wines from the most important regions in classic vintages dating back as far as 1912.

We calculates maturity dates based on a wine's Distinction, Vintage, and the Sub-region/Region/Country. Vintage information is available for most wines typically associated with a region. 

An Example

Distinction: Pinot Noir
Vintage: 2014
Region: Willamette Valley > Oregon (Willamette Valley) > United States
Quality of wine (Entered when clicking "Get Maturity Dates"): Outstanding

We return a maturity of "Young" with Drink After of 2015 and Drink By 2023.

You can drink this wine now but it will mature over the next handful of years.

If you set any column to "Maturity" you'll get the current status of your wine based on the aging potential we calculate from PWC's algorithm.

Our system determines your wine's status with the following progression: Early (before drink after date), Young, Mature, Old and Late (after drink by date). Young/Mature/Old are determined by the current year and the phase your wine is at in relation to the drinking range (drink after to drink by). So Mature is optimal but Old is still within the range. Don't let your wines go Late!

You will always get a maturity suggestion for Willamette Valley, Oregon, Pinot Noir, but you won't find a suggestion for Willamette Valley Cabernet Sauvignon because they're not known for their Cabernet Sauvignon and vintage information is hard to come by for Willamette Valley Cab. There ARE general vintage ratings available for all of Oregon, but that's too general for our purposes, so you won't find those sweeping general vintage/maturity suggestions in Personal Wine Curator.

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